Farewell Service for Alex Stephenson

On Sunday 19th June 2022, a farewell service was held for Alex Stephenson as he left the church after serving as Assistant Pastor for two years.

Alex is leaving to get married and serve as a UFM missionary working alongside River Of Life Church in Frankfurt, Germany.

During the service, Roy Hamill thanked Alex for his service in the church on behalf of the eldership. Roy highlighted Alex’s faithful ministry in the pulpit alongside his work among the Young Adults and commented on how Alex had become an integrated and well-loved member of the fellowship during his relatively short period with us. Roy left Isaiah 42:6-7 with Alex as a reminder of God’s promised calling, presence and preservation as he moved on to new ministry opportunities.

Alex then expressed his thanks to the church for how they welcomed, loved and supported him during his ministry here. Alex commented that he hoped his ministry had been Christ centred. He thanked the elders for the opportunity to serve in the church and also thanked them for their support and friendship. He thanked those he worked alongside in the church during his ministry and in particular Pastor Curry for his friendship, fellowship, support, example and encouragement. Alex lastly publicly acknowledged God’s direction, support and help during his ministry and left Acts 20:32 with the Church, pointing us to God and His Word as we continue to serve Him.

Pastor Curry commented that he had known Alex since he was 10 years old and it had been a real blessing to watch him grow and develop and in particular to work alongside him over the last two years. He expressed his appreciation for Alex’s hardwork and fellowship and left Philippians 1:3-6 with him. Nigel Moore prayed for Alex and Miri, his fiancé.

Alex’s twin brother Lewis Stephenson, the assistant pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church, preached from Joshua chapter 1:1-9 and reminded Alex of three truths for times of transition:

  1. God’s purpose endures
  2. God’s presence endures
  3. God’s provision endures

Pastor Curry closed the service in prayer.

A time of fellowship over refreshments followed allowing an opportunity for the congregation to express their thanks to Alex personally.

Please continue to remember Alex and Miri in your prayers as they begin married life together and begin their new period of ministry in Frankfurt.