Mission begins in the heart of God. Through the incarnation of Jesus Christ, and the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit, God is actively engaged in extending His kingdom to the ends of the earth.

The church is to be actively involved in the extension of the Kingdom of God and is by its very nature a missionary community seeking to fulfil the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Each member of the body of Christ is called to live for God wherever He has placed us. For some, this will involve living and working in another culture. For most of us, it will be expressed in ongoing witness in our local community. For all of us, however, it will mean having a greater vision for God’s mission throughout the world.

As a church we seek to:

  1. Foster a growing awareness in the church membership of the Biblical basis for mission, the current world scene, advances and concerns in the church world wide.
  2. Help deepen our involvement, as a church fellowship, in global mission by an increasing commitment, both individually and corporately, to :-
  •              Pray for Member Missionaries and Baptist Missions
  •              Send church members to serve where God has called them.
  •              Provide pastoral and practical support to Member Missionaries.


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