Ramond & Jackie Givan Update

Click here for their Latest Prayer Update: February 2015

Raymond and Jackie have four grown-up daughters and worked as medical missionaries in the Rift Valley, Kenya (1996 – 1998). They have been involved in outreach work into the local communities and in particular to the Maasai tribe where they have helped to encourage believers in planting new churches. Since returning to Ballymena Northern Ireland they have been involved in the local Baptist church in leadership, outreach, Sunday School, missionary prayer support at committee level and a monthly mission prayer focus.

Raymond and Jackie were then invited by the Bishop of Nebbi  to spend a year or so working alongside the Church of Uganda at Goli in supporting the local medical work, discipling believers and in outreach work. Raymond is a practising GP with an MA in Theology and Jackie is a registered Nurse.

Raymond and Jackie have recently moved to Luwero area and are based at Kiwoko Hospital where they are involved in both medical work evangelism and discipleship programmes. Raymond is a practicing GP with an MA in Theology and Jackie is a registered nurse. Raymond is based in Outpatients Department (OPD) where he gets many opportunities to witness for the Lord.

 Jackie is responsible for the Guest House where elective medical students and nurses stay. Together they take two Bible Studies weekly, one for Guest House residents and one for laboratory and student nurse. Once a month they do an outreach using football as the medium. So far they have reached out to about 400 children with the Gospel and a number have made commitments. They are now beginning a Discipleship training programme for the coaches,

Raymond and Jackie will be based at Kiwoko until August 2015 when they will return to Northern Ireland for a period of time.