Update from the Murphys

We arrived safely in Thailand. There were times right up to
this last week when we weren’t sure if our plans would work out for
us both to go but we’re so thankful that everything has come
together to make that possible. Speaking of Moses, one writer
comments, ‘He was feeling the burden and he needed God’s help. His
request was that he might know God better and continue to find
favour with Him. And God responded, ‘My Presence will go with you
and I will give you rest’. In effect, ‘You can have me and as a
result you will be rested’. The first three weeks of our time in
Thailand is fairly well mapped out with a one week conference,
committee meetings and a trip up country. The rest of our time,
until we return in mid-March will be spent in more routine
activities related to People Group Assessment (PGA) and the work in
general. The trip up country will be to gain more in depth
information about one people group we have been researching – the
Shan or, as they prefer to be known, Tai Yai. This huge people
group has many spiritual needs. They live in Thailand, Myanmar and
China. Another mission organisation has done some work with them in
Thailand but there are few missionaries working with them now.
Please pray for Norman and a colleague as they visit another Thai
Yai area to investigate the possibilities of a work there. Pray
also for workers to come and fill the opportunities that could open
up. It will be a very difficult work with many challenges and will
require committed people who are not be easily put off or
discouraged if the gospel is to take root in the hearts of these
people. We know you pray for us personally and appreciate that so
much. thank you for praying too for the current works going on in
Thailand and around S E Asia and for God’s leading regarding where
to open new works and how to go about that. Norman &