E3 Prayer Letter (Adam McCready – Nov.13)

Primary Schools
• Pray for teachers who run SU groups at lunchtime and after school, that they will have energy and strength from God, as well as opportunities to share their faith with the pupils who attend.

• This month many P7 pupils will be sitting their transfer test. Please pray that they will know God’s peace during the tests and that they will know their value does not come from what grade they receive, but the fact they are made in God’s image.

• Thank God for the different opportunities I have had over the past month to talk with different teachers and visit different SU groups as a carried out my SWOT analysis.

Post-Primary Schools
• Dalriada are starting small groups this month, pray that they will be a place of openness, honesty and blessing. That as they study God’s Word together, He will reveal more of Himself to them.

• As “Shine” gets started this month pray that pupils and teachers will be bold to invite other pupils and teachers to their SU. Praise God that there are three schools in the North Coast involved and pray that they will see and know God’s blessing on what they organise for this month.

• Remember to continue to pray for the SU committees who help to run their SU groups. Pray that they will be able to balance their role on committee with their school work and continue to have a positive impact on their schools.

Special Schools
• Thank God for a new contact in Sandelford Special School and the possibility to take an assembly there in the coming months. Continue to pray for the staff, as they live out their faith day by day in school.

Upcoming Events
• Shine is an outreach event that runs during the month of November and currently has 42 schools signed up across the country. It is all about encouraging schools in pray and outreach.

There are two weeks of preparation, one week of prayer and then a week of outreach. Remember to pray for Coleraine Inst, Coleraine High and Ballycastle High, the three schools involved in the Shine project from the North Coast.

‘Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.’ Col. 4:2