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Mark Steele (2),
Matthew Campbell (1),
Edwin Ewart (1).
Sunday Evening (3),
Sunday Morning (1).
2012 (2), 2016 (2)

Sermons (4)

Paul's Love For The Church
Acts 20:1-13 (Part of the General series).

Preached by Matthew Campbell on 27/11/2016 (Sunday Morning).
In a Short Time Would You Persuade Me To Be A Christian?
Acts 25:13-26:32 (Part of the Questions of Eternal Importance series).

Preached by Edwin Ewart on 06/03/2016 (Sunday Evening).
The Holy Spirit Equips the Church
Acts 6:1-15 (Part of the General series).

Preached by Mark Steele on 18/11/2012 (Sunday Evening).
Taking the opportunities God gives us
Acts 16:1-10 (Part of the General series).

Preached by Mark Steele on 11/11/2012 (Sunday Evening).