Ballymena Baptist Church


Girls’ Brigade 
meets on a Monday night for a combination of Physical, Education, Spiritual and Service activities. These are all aimed at badge work designed for the Girls. We have averaged 85 girls over the past few years from all backgrounds and we have a good team of officers and helpers who enjoy giving of their time to work with the girls.




Boys’ Brigade meets on Wednesday and Friday nights, and we currently have approximately 75 boys enrolled across all three sections of the company. These are not only comprised of boys from within our own church, but also many boys with no church connection and other fellowships.




Anchor Boys (Age 5 to P4) meet on Friday nights between 7.00pm and 8.00pm.

Junior Section (P5 to P6) meet on Wednesdays from 7.00pm and 8.30pm.

Company Section (Year 8 to age 18) meet on Fridays from 8.00pm to 10.00pm 


DEEP (DEEP:heat / DEEP:freeze) For those in 4th – 6th year DEEP runs on the second and last Sunday evenings of the month. DEEP:heat is an in-depth evening which runs in conjunction with the youth services at the end of each month. The theme of the youth service is Identity (the theme throughout youth). Following the youth service the young people break into LIFE:groups (small groups) and discuss the sermon in greater detail.

DEEP:freeze is a more informal and relaxed Sunday evening. It is an opportunity for leaders to build relationships with the kids and to look at some practical aspects of Christianity, or to do some Q&A.

As youth leaders we want to thank you for your faithful prayers, and ask that you continue to pray for us, and the young people, who are the future of our church. We have had a great start to this school year, and are excited to see what God has in store for us. Thank you!!

BOOM! is Saturday night youth club for 1st – 5th years and runs every week from 7.30-10pm.

Saturday nights alternate between ‘standard’ and ‘themed’ evenings. Standard Saturday nights begin with free time followed by a talk at 8.15pm. From 8.30pm we have 30 minutes of structured games in the hall followed by 30 minutes of food (ice cream, chips, pancakes!). The final 30 minutes is free time. During free time the kids have an opportunity to play games in the hall (football, hockey, dodge ball) or relax and chill in the youth lounge (playing video games, table tennis, or chatting).

Once a month theme nights are an opportunity to be creative, to put on a one-off event or to have a trip away.

The topic of our talks this year in BOOM is ‘IDENTITY:testimony’. Each Saturday night a different leader will share their story as to how God has transformed them. Through this we have an opportunity to talk about various struggles common amongst young people, and how we can have a new identity in Christ.

We have been so blessed this year with numbers, averaging 60. This is a mixture of church kids, and those who have no church background at all. As leaders, we are making prayer a focus this year. Every Saturday night we meet before BOOM to pray for the kids who will attend, and we do the same at the end of the night.

We are also seeking to develop practical and spiritual leadership skills. We do this through Bible study and training; seeking to fan into flames the gifts of each leader, equipping them to work effectively as a team and using our unique God given gifts to further the Kingdom of God.

We would appreciate your prayers for Saturday night youth, because, as you can imagine, it gets a little hectic sometimes with 60 kids running around the building! We would ask you to pray for safety, but most of all that we as leaders would be intentional in our conversations, and able to share our faith with the young people we are building relationships with each Saturday night. Also pray for the talks each week that they would have an impact on the kids, and that God might be pleased to save!