Mission Objectives – Ballymena Baptist Church

Ballymena Baptist Church

Mission Objectives

As members of Ballymena Baptist Church we accept our individual, and corporate responsibility to become increasingly informed about, involved in, and committed to world-wide mission.

The objectives of this local church is to bring about a growing corporate expression of our mission concern in the following ways:

1.   To see evidence of a growing awareness in the church membership of the following areas:

  • Biblical basis for mission
  • Current World Scene
  • World wide church advances and concerns

2.  To deepen our involvement in mission by an increasing commitment, both individually and corporately, to:

  • Send members and serve where God has called them
  • Pray for member missionaries
  • Provide practical support to member missionaries

3.  To ensure that as a fellowship, we are involved in:

  • Strengthening our links with Baptist Missions
  • Partnership with mission societies
  • Partnership with national churches

4.  To give to mission, conscious of our obligation to be faithful stewards of all that God has entrusted to us.