Ballymena Baptist Church

Sunday Services – Autumn 2020

The leadership of the church is continuing to monitor and review arrangements for how we will worship together over the coming weeks and months. The following sets out the current arrangements and any significant changes will be communicated in due course.

The following does not apply on Sunday 29 November 2020 and Sunday 6 December 2020. Due to current coronavirus restrictions we cannot meet in person and services will only be broadcast online on those two Sundays.

We currently meet on Sunday mornings at both 10am and 12pm.

We also meet together on Sunday evenings at 6.30pm.

The capacity of the building continues to be significantly reduced and this means that we still cannot accommodate our usual numbers. As such, it remains necessary for you to pre-register for all Sunday services through Eventbrite. The registration process is explained below.

There is no longer any limit on the number of services that you can attend. We will continue to monitor demand so this may change.

For anybody who has not yet attended a Sunday service, the following video explains how some things will look when you return to worship with us – return to church video Some of our procedures have changed slightly since this video was produced so please also read the rest of the information below.

For those who are unable to attend we are broadcasting our services live through our Facebook page and on the church website at


You must register for all Sunday services through Eventbrite by clicking on the following link: Eventbrite

  • You must register a seat for each member of your party except babies and toddlers.
  • Registration will close at 11am on the Saturday before a service.
  • Spaces are limited so if your plans change, please cancel your registration by emailing
  • If you know someone who wishes to attend but who does not have the facility to register through Eventbrite you can register on their behalf or send their details to
  • Any other questions or issues can be directed to the same email address.

Points to Note

The priority of the church leadership has been to ensure the building is as safe as possible for all of us to meet in. It is important that all instructions are followed carefully, by everyone, without exception.

We believe that we have adopted a cautious approach and have been careful to ensure that we have adhered to the guidance issued by both government and the Association of Baptist Churches.

  • Please be patient and arrive early; it may take longer than normal to get in. Doors will be open from 10.30.
  • You may have to wait outside to get in so bring appropriate clothing. The auditorium will be well ventilated and it is likely to be hotter or colder than normal depending on the weather and where you sit. Coat pegs and umbrella stands will not be in use.
  • Maintain a social distance of 2 metres at all times. Follow all instructions and stand at markers when queuing to enter or exit the building.
  • You must sit where directed and those from the same household must sit together.
  • Communion will be incorporated at the end of the service. To help us manage the flow of people out of the building it will not be possible to leave beforehand; this means all can stay and observe communion. Unfortunately, we will be unable to share the emblems for the time being.
  • Leave the auditorium only when directed to do so at the end of the service.
  • A retiring offering can be made in the buckets by the main door and Hill St exit.
  • Wipe toilet door handles and taps after use with the wipes provided. Children must be accompanied to the toilet.
  • Masks should be worn within the building whenever possible.
  • Do not attend if you are displaying any symptoms of coronavirus.

Facilities for Children

Children’s ministries have not yet recommenced and the usual creche and kid’s club facilities are not in operation.

  • If you are planning on bringing your baby or toddler there will be rooms allocated if you need to take them out during the service.
  • Social distancing must be maintained in these rooms, with only one parent per child and no older siblings allowed.